About Us

At Conestoga Contracting Group our strengths are reflected in our high quality service. We continue to stay updated with current materials and equipment. As a well managed company we carry a higher level of expertise for customers who demand the best in the business. We preserve high standards of workmanship, current city bi-laws and building code requirements. We are passionate about providing distinctive services. We continue to be aggressive in bidding and and cost effective services and we strive to preform at the top of our industry.

We realize no two customers are alike and we appreciate the individuality of your project or maintenance needs. Conestoga Contracting Group is committed to providing the safest working environment possible for every worker, on every project. Continuous on site training is what puts us ahead of our competition. We have the ability to provide service 24-hours a day and customer service can be provided in person.

Another attractive reason for using Conestoga Contracting Group is our group of companies. As of spring 2012 we have acquired the assistance of 2 more companies to help keep the various trade specific operations in the hands of dedicated staff and managers so that our clients always receive specialized service.

Quality Control

At Conestoga Contracting Group we train all our staff to believe that quality is essential. Our highly trained team members take tremendous pride in their work which results in a far superior result so that no detail is missed. We have dedicated staff with their primary roll being ‘quality control’ to ensure our brand image is always held in high esteem.

Well Equiped

If you want a job done right, you need the right tools. We believe in this philosophy, which makes a considerable difference in the quality of our work. We believe in superior quality and efficiency we make extensive investments in our equipment and training to make sure we get the job done right, on time, and at a fair end cost.

Risk Free

We believe that trust is what will create long term relationships with our clients. Which is why as of 2012 much of our equipment and personal were equipped with the latest of GPS and work order technology to ensure our clients were responded to and invoiced for time it “actually” takes to do the job right. This allows all our divisions to operate at maximum efficiency and HQ can quickly reference each job to ensure our promise of Quality, Safety and efficiency to our clients is kept.


Your project starts with a conversation.  Tell us about the dreams you have for your property and we can work towards making them a reality!